PFAS Storage Tanks

The management of PFAS-containing products and PFAS-contaminated materials require specialised containment systems to ensure adherence to the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP)

On-site storage and containment systems must be impervious to the materials stored, resistant to fire and managed and maintained to prevent any release of liquids and leachate to stormwater drains, waters and land.

Concept’s PFAS tanks offer a fully compliant, modular storage system that can be rapidly deployed and remotely monitored via satellite telemetry. PFAS storage tanks from 0.6ML to 50ML are relocatable and offer a variety of options including, covers, roofs and load in/out pipework. Enquire here.



Concept are highly experienced in providing safe and reliable solutions for the storage of large volume of contaminated and regulated wastewater.

Concept is Australia’s sole provider of specially developed PFAS containment liner for tank storage. This liner is an industry leading containment solution for PFAS waste storage offering an unrivaled 10 year warranty. Combined with a bituminous secondary bunding system, Concept’s PFAS Storage Tanks offer a complete and safe solution that is built to last.

Accurately monitor fluid containment levels with remote monitoring systems.

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