Concept Compliments Blind Boring Operation

Blind boring is an innovative solution for drilling the ventilation shafts that provide underground mines with air flow and temperature regulation. Blind boring is particularly effective for greenfield mine developments as it allows the shaft to be completed ahead of the underground development and offers high levels of safety and performance as all operations are conducted from the surface.

Unlike raise bore shaft development that requires access to the bottom of the shaft in order to remove the cuttings, blind bore technology uses drilling fluid to remove the cuttings from the shaft.

To accommodate the 8,000,000 litres of drilling fluid required for the project and fit the limited site footprint, Concept designed, manufactured and constructed an 8.6 Megalitre modular concrete tank. The tank was installed in just 8 days by Concept’s field technicians and will be relocated to another part of the project when the drilling phase is completed in 6 months’ time.