Ramp Up In Asset Management Activities

With a noticeable increase in activity in Queensland’s CSG sector, we have been revisiting some of our Concept Tanks conducting a range of activities to maintain and optimise the efficiency of our tanks in the field. Our crews have been completing various works including sediment removal, tank relocations and liner & pipework system upgrades.

A 1.5ML Concept Tank that is being used as buffer storage had built up a significant volume of sediment during operation. The client required the sludge in the tank to be removed whilst remaining operational. With the application of a centrifuge, the contained slurry was separated onsite, returning clean water back into the tank and approximately 30 tonnes of solids removed to waste. This process allowed the client to maintain operation of the tank, return the tank to full fluid capacity and significantly reduced transport costs when compared to traditional sediment removal processes.


Another client has re-evaluating the locations of Concept Tanks in the field. Several tanks have since been relocated in order to maximize efficiency. After decommissioning 3 x 1.9ML Concept Tanks, the existing materials were utilized by relocating the storage tanks to a new location. This included the recommissioning of 3.7ML Concept Tank and the modification of an existing 1.9ML Concept Tank.